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Finding a Therapy Style That Works for You, Best Type of Therapy For You

Finding a Therapy Style That Works for You

Waypoint Recovery prioritizes patients, which is why our individual therapy program is structured to personalize, protect, and promote the health and progress of our clients in South Carolina. Imagine entering a support system where you’re seen as a unique individual whose goals and dreams are recorded and closely monitored as you navigate recovery and sustained sobriety. This is the experience that we provide. Keep reading to understand how individual therapy supports you and benefits your health. 

Waypoint Recovery Therapeutic Approaches

We offer four main types of therapy for our clients. They’re all designed to strengthen your will and embolden your spirit long-term, giving you the capacity to resist relapse. You may find that one style of therapy is more helpful or comfortable to you than another. We encourage you to keep an open mind and to embrace challenges—both emotional and mental—that therapy in recovery might bring. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

During CBT, we talk about your thoughts and how you form and engage with them. This leads us to understand how your thoughts influence your feelings and, ultimately, your behaviors. We celebrate healthy, uplifting thought patterns at the same time that we hone in on toxic thought cycles that prompt destructive actions and habits—thwarting your success in sobriety, in your personal and romantic life, and professionally. 

Once we detect problematic thought patterns, we use neuroplasticity to our advantage to identify and reject them as they occur in real-life situations. This can feel like hard work, but the end result is worth the effort, as you learn how to transform your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  

Expressive Arts Therapy 

We see expressive arts therapy as a form of self-exploration, which we believe is a necessary part of overcoming addiction. So many of our clients arrive with very little idea of who they are and how to create success and peace in their lives.  

Through expressive arts therapy, we provide multimodal methods of looking within yourself through visual art, dance, drama and theater, writing and journaling, and other art forms that speak to you. The goal is to express yourself in ways that you can’t speak aloud. There’s also the added benefit of emotional release. The creative process allows you to sift through emotions and feelings you haven’t been able to address while receiving support and guidance. 

Recreational Therapy Or Therapeutic Recreation

This type of therapy is all about improving your cognitive, physical, mental, and emotional well-being while having fun. Our recreational therapists work diligently to identify your interests and passions, placing those enjoyable activities at the forefront of your treatment. They design a plan filled with leisure activities that engage you and develop skills you want to refine. With a strong connection to community groups and resources, recreation therapy reinserts you into social, movement-based activities that stimulate your brain and your heart. 

Brain-Based Counseling

Everyone’s brain is different. This individuality results in unique experiences that influence and guide your life events. Acknowledging the crucial role that experience plays in your substance use disorder, brain-based counseling addresses the unique connections between your brain, your relationships, your perceptions of soul and spirit, and your view of yourself. Largely informed by neuroscientific principles, brain-based counseling relies heavily on a mix of the methods seen above to adequately address your personal issues and attitudes. 

How To Find The Right Therapist

We encourage our clients to continue therapy after leaving treatment. To find a therapist who works well with you, first narrow down the type of therapy you think would benefit you most. You may want to mull over what feels the most challenging in your life and imagine what your life might look like if you were to overcome those specific obstacles.

After weighing the pros and cons of each approach, get in touch with local therapists to find out more about their treatment style. From that point, you can schedule sessions and meet each therapist. Notice who you “click” with, and ask about their approach. If you feel like you’re aligned, you can continue with that person. If you feel you need to keep exploring, do so. And if you need help finding a therapist, reach out to your aftercare team at Waypoint. We may be able to refer you to a provider in your community. 

Begin Your Therapeutic Journey To Sobriety in Cameron, SC

As one of the most renowned and community-based recovery organizations in the Palmetto State, Waypoint Recovery is here to guide you to a lifelong journey in recovery. Contact us with questions or concerns at any time.