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The completion of your program at Waypoint Recovery Center is a marker of time and not a signal that you are “cured” from addiction. The adjustment period during the first 90 days or so after treatment is critical – we hear this all the time. It’s one reason why, beginning December 2020, we added a full-time team member as an Alumni Coordinator. In fact, this individual completed 35 days of in-patient and 90 days of intensive outpatient with Waypoint in 2018.

The Alumni Coordinator is available seven days a week to anyone who has completed the residential or outpatient programs. For help finding meetings, sponsors, 12th Step facilitation, fellow alumni, general recovery questions, or just someone to talk to who has “been there,” the Alumni Coordinator is here to assist. Weekly alumni Zoom meetings, group alumni activities, and reunions at Waypoint are also a core component of our program.

Another unique feature we offer is the “Cared For” app. The app is designed specially for the recovery community, and is used at all Summit Behavioral Healthcare facilities: easy to use on a computer or smartphone, it allows alumni to post messages and photos, track sobriety days, search recovery tools, books, and videos, and direct-message administrators. Resources about ongoing care can be found on our blog. Taking advantage of our Alumni Services program can be a key to your successful long-term recovery!

The completion of your program at Waypoint Recovery Center is a cause for celebration. You have accomplished something difficult—and set your life on a better path.

But it would be a mistake to think of this as the end of your journey.

Addiction is a disease without a cure, and so vigilance is always required in order for a person to maintain their sobriety. And the transition from treatment back to day-to-day life can be difficult indeed.

In particular, the first 90 days or so after treatment can be a critical and challenging period. We hear that from those who have gone through treatment with us all of the time. After all, a person has gone from the safety and support of a treatment program back to their everyday life—a life that used to include drugs or alcohol and could again all too easily.

Given this reality, Waypoint Recovery Center wanted to develop resources and support structures that can continue to serve our clients during those early days of recovery.

To work toward that goal, we add a fulltime Alumni Coordinator to our team in December 2020. This individual is not just a random hire with an education in substance use disorder treatment and recovery. Instead, they are an alumni of Waypoint’s programs themselves, having completed 35 days of inpatient treatment and 90 days of the intensive outpatient program (IOP) in 2018.

That means our Alumni Coordinator knows what our clients are going through because they have literally gone through it, too. The Waypoint Recovery Center Alumni Coordinator is available seven days a week to anyone who has completed our residential or outpatient programs. They can assist individuals who need help finding meetings, sponsors, 12th Step facilitation, fellow alumni, or the answers to general recovery questions. And they can be a resource to those who just need someone to talk to who has truly “been there” and understands how challenging it can be to maintain one’s sobriety over the long term.

The Waypoint Recovery Center alumni program also includes weekly online meetings of program alums, group activities, and reunions at our facility. These aspects of the program are designed to remind those we have served that they are never alone. Rather, they have a community of individuals they can count on when the going gets tough.

In addition, the Waypoint Recovery Center blog provides a wealth of information and ideas to help people in recovery discover new ways to bolster their sobriety. The blog is an excellent resource that often provides new ways of thinking about issues related to substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health disorders, and the recovery journey.

To recap: the end of inpatient or outpatient treatment is the beginning—not the end—of the story of your ongoing sobriety. You do not have to go it alone. Instead, you can take advantage of Waypoint Recovery Center’s offerings for program alumni. Our alumni services could very well be the a key component of your successful long-term recovery.

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For more information about Waypoint Recovery Center’s programs, including our alumni services, please contact us anytime at (888) 978-5188.