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6 Alternatives to 12-Step Groups: Finding the Support You Need to Stay Sober

6-Alternatives-to-12-Step-Groups-Finding-the-Support-You-Need-to-Stay-Sober - five people with hands on top of each other in circleFor many people, Alcoholics Anonymous and its associated 12-Step groups have been instrumental in promoting lasting sobriety.

However, since no two individuals with substance use disorders are exactly alike, it’s unrealistic to expect that the 12-Step approach will work for everyone.

If you’ve tried AA or a similar 12-Step model without success, consider including one of these alternative sources of group support into your continuing care plan.


Addiction Resources in Lowcountry

Addiction-Resources-in-Lowcountry - south carolina flag on grunge bgWaypoint Recovery Center offers a wide range of substance use disorder treatment options for South Carolina residents, including both residential treatment and an intensive outpatient program.

However, you may also find it useful to take advantage of the following Lowcountry addiction resources.


Abuse of Benzos Is on the Rise

Abuse of Benzos Is on the Rise - white pills making arrow graph on grey backgroundThe opioid crisis may be making headlines, but prescription painkillers are far from the only medication with the potential for abuse.

Prescriptions for benzodiazepines are rising and many experts fear this could spur a new addiction epidemic.


Can Withdrawal Be Fatal?

Can Withdrawal Be Fatal - girl in hospital bed with hands covering face

Withdrawal is a necessary part of the recovery process, but it’s often misunderstood.

Knowing what to expect and how to proceed safely can help you begin treatment with confidence. (more…)

When Saying “No” Is an Act of Love

When Saying "No" Is an Act of Love - man and woman back to backDealing with a friend or family member who struggles with drug or alcohol addiction can be extremely difficult.

Your loved one may make excuses for bad behavior, promise he or she will change, and beg you for assistance fixing problems caused by substance abuse. (more…)