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Breaking the Cycle of Addiction Through the Generations

Breaking-the-Cycle-of-Addiction-Through-the-Generations - three generations of womenAddiction is a biologically-based brain disease, which means that means about half of a person’s risk of developing a substance use disorder is due to inherited risk factors.

Environmental risk factors associated with a parent who abuses drugs or alcohol can also perpetuate the cycle of addiction, but it’s important to keep in mind that there is always hope for a brighter future. With treatment and a strong support system, this cycle can be broken.


Addressing Sexual Dysfunction as Part of Your Addiction Recovery

Addressing-Sexual-Dysfunction-as-Part-of-Your-Addiction-Recovery - couple in bedroom man upsetTalking about sexual dysfunction can be embarrassing, but this is an issue that is quite common among both men and women seeking substance abuse treatment.

If you’re experiencing difficulties, it’s important to keep in mind that the condition is likely only temporary and can be helped with the same strategies used to promote long-term sobriety.


7 Tips for Talking to Your Loved One About Addiction

7-Tips-for-Talking-Your-Loved-One-About-Addiction - two women talking on couchDiscovering someone you love has a drug or alcohol addiction can be a very difficult thing.

No matter the details surrounding their addiction or how you feel, they need help – your help.

Talking with someone who has a substance use disorder is difficult, however, because they may not be rational about their addiction. They may not even be aware of it or how it is affecting those around them.


How Long Is the Typical Outpatient Treatment Program?

How-Long-Is-the-Typical-Outpatient-Treatment-Program - small group in blue room listening to speakerAddiction is defined as a chronic disease, which means it requires long-term care.

Adequate treatment is dependent upon meeting the specific needs of the individual. There exists no one-size-fits-all treatment program and just because a person relapses doesn’t mean that treatment failed, it just exemplifies the chronic nature of addiction and a need to readjust the style of care. (more…)

Developing Your Sober Support Network

Developing-Your-Sober-Support-Network - paper doll cutoutsThere’s strength in numbers, which is precisely why developing a strong sober support network can be a vital part of the recovery process.

If you’re naturally more introverted or accustomed to handling your problems by yourself, learning to rely on others can be a bit of a challenge. However, the benefits are well worth the effort involved in stepping outside your personal comfort zone.