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7 Tips to Help You Choose a Sponsor in Recovery

7 Tips to Help You Choose a Sponsor in Recovery - men having coffeeThe 12 step model for recovery is built upon the principle that addicts are best equipped to help other addicts navigate the challenges of sobriety.

Your sponsor is someone who is willing to walk you through the steps and help you remain sober by providing a support system when you feel threatened by relapse. (more…)

Victim Mentality and Addiction

victim mentality and addiction - sad womanBuilding a life free from the burdens of substance abuse requires rethinking old thoughts and behavior patterns.

One common obstacle many people in recovery must overcome is the habit of thinking of themselves as victims of their circumstances. History has proven that the human spirit is amazingly resilient. (more…)

Chronic Pain and Substance Abuse

chronic pain and substance abuse - woman with chronic painExperts estimate that about 20% of the population struggles with chronic pain.

Suffering from chronic pain can increase a person’s risk of developing a substance abuse problem, which means addiction treatment programs must address pain management as part of the foundation for a sober lifestyle. (more…)