We are accepting new admissions but have implemented additional pre-screening procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone at Waypoint Recovery Center. **At this time, all family visitation has been suspended until further notice.**

Waypoint Recovery Center is closely monitoring all coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and is following suggested best practices from the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. For more information, please click here.

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Can DBT Help with Substance Abuse?

Can DBT Help with Substance Abuse - woman receiving therapy - waypoint recovery centerTreatment for drug and alcohol addiction has come a long way over the last 50 years.

With so many individuals addicted to substances in the U.S. alone, addiction professionals have had their hands full. Fortunately, new ideas have been developed to try to help those addicted to drugs and alcohol. One of these treatment methods is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). (more…)

Supporting Recovery During the Holidays

supporting recovery during the holidays - christmas decorations - waypoint recovery centerMaintaining sobriety during the holidays is not an easy feat, especially when you have an increasing number of family gatherings, office parties, and other obligations.

For some, staying sober this season is no more difficult than any other time of year. Yet for others, it’s awkward, lonely, or simply just unbearable. (more…)

Changing the Language of Addiction: Terms to Avoid (Part 1)

changing the language of addiction - addiction books - waypoint recovery centerFor much of the twentieth century, addiction was widely described as either substance “abuse” or substance “dependence.”

This was the language you would find in the old DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) that physicians used to diagnose their patients. Although “official,” these terms carried with them a clear stigma. (more…)

Waypoint Recovery Center Provides Treatment Options for Lowcountry

Waypoint Recovery Center Provides Treatment Options for Lowcountry - waypoint Recovery Center - press-release-dec-2016Summit BHC is proud to announce its newest practice offering comprehensive outpatient treatment for substance use disorders, the Waypoint Recovery Center.

Waypoint officially opened its doors on Oct. 17, just outside Summerville off of Dorchester Road. It features a traditional Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that will include group therapy, individual therapy, drug and alcohol testing, family support, and continuing care/recovery management for aftercare. (more…)